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Articles in Refereed Journals

Neiger, M., Meyers, O., & Ben-David, A. (2023). Tweeting the Holocaust: social media discourse between reverence, exploitation, and simulacra. Journal of Communication, jqad010.

Ratner, Y., Dvir Gvirsman, S., & Ben-David, A. (2023). “Saving Journalism from Facebook’s Death Grip”? The Implications of Content-Recommendation Platforms on Publishers and Their Audiences. Digital Journalism,

Ben-David, A. (2023, Forthcoming). Little Samaritan Brothers: Crowdsourcing Voter Surveillance. Law & Ethics of Human Rights.


Ben-David, A. (2021). Data rhetoric and the manufacturing of a national confirmation bias during the Covid-19 pandemic in Israel. Israel Studies Review, 36(3).


Ben-David, A. (2020). Counter-archiving Facebook. European Journal of Communication, 35(3), 249–264.


Ben-David, A. (2019). 2014 not found: A cross-platform approach to retrospective web archiving. Internet Histories, 3:3-4, 316-342, DOI: 10.1080/24701475.2019.1654290 (Abstract, Preprint).

Brügger, N., Milligan, I., Ben-David, A., Gebeil, S., Nanni, F., Rogers, R., ... & Webster, P. (2019). Internet histories and computational methods: a “round-doc” discussion. Internet Histories, 3(3-4), 202-222.

Ben David, A., & Soffer, O. (2018). User comments across platforms and journalistic genres. Information, Communication & Society. DOI:10.1080/1369118X.2018.1468919 (Abstract, Preprint).

Ben-David, A., & Amram, A. (2018). The Internet Archive and the socio-technical construction of historical facts. Internet Histories. DOI: 10.1080/24701475.2018.1455412. (Abstract, Preprint).


Barzilay, Arianne & Ben-David, Anat (2017) Platform inequality: Gender in the Gig-Economy​.Seton Hall Law Review: Vol. 47(2), Issue 2. (Abstract, Full Text).


Ben-David, A., Amram, A., & R. Bekkerman. (2016). The colors of the national Web: Visual data analysis of the historical Yugoslav Web domainInternational Journal on Digital Libraries, DOI: 10.0007/s00799-016-0202-6. (Abstract, Full Text).


Ben-David, A. (2016). What does the Web remember of its deleted past? An archival reconstruction of the former Yugoslav Top Level DomainNew Media  & Society, 18(7), 1103–1119.(Abstract, Full Text​).


Ben-David, A., & Matamoros Fernandez, A. (2016). Hate speech and covert discrimination on social Media: Monitoring the Facebook pages of extreme-right political parties in SpainInternational Journal of  Communication, 10(7). (Abstract, Full Text​).


Huurdeman, H.C.,  Kamps, J.,  Samar, T., de Vries, A.P., Ben-David, A., & R.A. Rogers (2015). Lost but not forgotten: Finding pages on the unarchived webInternational Journal on Digital Libraries, 1–19.(Abstract, Full Text).


Ben-David, A., & Huurdeman, H. (2014). Web archive search as research: Methodological and theoretical implicationsAlexandria, 25(1), 93–111.(Abstract, Full Text).


Ben-David, A. (2012). The Palestinian diaspora on the Web: Between de-territorialization and re-territorialization. Social Science Information, 51(4), 459–474.(Abstract, Full Text).


Rogers, R., & Ben-David, A. (2010). Coming to terms: a conflict analysis of the usage, in official and unofficial sources, of ‘security fence’,‘apartheid wall’, and other terms for the structure between Israel and the Palestinian territoriesMedia, War & Conflict, 3(2), 202–229.(Abstract, Full Text​).


Ben-David, A. (2010). La Palestine et ses frontieres virtuelles 2.0: Du «non-lieu» à l'espace généré par les utilisateursRéseaux, (159),151–79. (Full Text).


Ben-David, A. (2010). Palestine's virtual borders 2.0: From a non-place to a user-generated space. Réseaux, (159),151–79.

(Abstract, Full Text​).


Rogers, R., & Ben-David, A. (2008). The Palestinian—Israeli peace process and transnational issue networks: the complicated place of the Israeli NGONew Media & Society, 10(3), 497–528.(Abstract, Full Text​).

Chapters in Books

Ben-David, A. (2022). Gegenarchivierung von Facebook. In C. Schwarzenegger, E. Koenen, C. Pentzold, T. Birkner, & C. Katzenbach (Eds.), Digitale Kommunikation und Kommunikationsgeschichte: Perspektiven, Potentiale, Problemfelder (pp. 133–155). Freie Universität Berlin.

Ben-David, A. (2021). Critical Web Archive Research. In D. Gomes, E. Demidova, J. Winters, & T. Risse (Eds.), The Past Web: Exploring Web Archives (pp. 181–188). Springer International Publishing.

Gekker, A. and Ben-David, A. (2021). Data Cudgel or how to generate Corona compliance in Israel. In Milan, S., Treré, E., and Masiero, S. (Eds.), Covid19 from the margins: Pandemic invisibilities, policies and resistance in the datafied Society (pp. 149—152). Amsterdam: Institute of Network Cultures.


Ben-David, A. (2019). National web histories at the fringe of the Web: Palestine, Kosovo, and the quest for online self-determination. In N. Brügger, D. Laursen (Eds.), The historical web and Digital Humanities: The case of national web domains (pp. 89—109). Abingdon: Routledge.


Ben-David, A. and Amram, A. (2018). Computational Methods for Web History. In Brügger, Niels and Ian Milligan (Eds.), SAGE Handbook of Web History (pp. 152—167). London: Sage.


Stevenson, M. and Ben-David, A. (2018). Network Analysis for Web History. In Brügger, Niels and Ian Milligan (Eds.), SAGE Handbook of Web History (pp. 125—137). London: Sage.

Ben-David, A. (2014). Mapping Minority Web-spaces: The Case of the Arabic Web-space in Israel, in: Caspi Dan,  and Nelly Elias (Eds.), Ethnic Minorities and Media in the Holy Land. Vallentine-Mitchell Academic, pp.137–157. (Full Text​).


Ben-David, A. (2014). Israeli-Palestinian Conflict and Social Media, in Harvey Kerric (Ed.), Encyclopaedia of Social Media and Politics. Thousand Oaks: Sage.


Ben-David, A. (2014). Speak2Tweet, in Harvey Kerric (Ed.), Encyclopaedia of Social Media and Politics. Thousand Oaks: Sage.


Ben-David, A. (2011). Digital Natives and the Return of the Local Cause, in: Shah, Nishant, and Fieke Jansen (Eds.), Digital AlterNatives with a Cause. Book One - To Be. Bangalore, India and The Hague, The Netherlands: The Centre for Internet and Society and HIVOS, pp. 10–23. (Full Text​).

Articles in Refereed Conference Proceedings

Amram, A., Ben-David, A., & Tsarfaty, R. (2018). Representations and Architectures in Neural Sentiment Analysis for Morphologically Rich Languages: A Case Study from Modern Hebrew. In Proceedings of the 27th International Conference on Computational Linguistics (pp. 2242-2252). (Full Text​).


Ben-David, Anat and Oren Soffer. User comments across platforms and journalistic genres: a computational analysis. Poster presented at the 3rd GESIS Computational Social Science Winter Symposium, 28-29 November, Cologne, Germany, 2016.  

(Full Text​).

Huurdeman, Hugo C., Anat Ben-David, Jaap Kamps, Thaer Samar, and Arjen P. de Vries. Finding pages on the unarchived web. In DL'14: Proceedings of the Digital Library Conference. ACM Press, New York NY, 2014.

Samar, Thaer, Hugo C. Huurdeman, Anat Ben-David, Jaap Kamps, and Arjen P. de Vries. Uncovering the unarchived web. In SIGIR '14: Proceedings of the 37th international ACM SIGIR conference on Research & development in information retrieval. ACM Press, New York NY, 2014, pp. 1199–1202. (Full Text​).

Huurdeman, Hugo C., Anat Ben-David, and Thaer Samar. Sprint methods for web archive research. In WebSci ’13: Proceedings of the 5th Annual ACM Web Science Conference. ACM Press, New York NY, 2013, pp. 182–190.


Other publications

Ken-Dror Feldman, D., Purian, R., Ben-David, A., & Kadan, N. (2020). Invisible Surveillance, Indifferent Publics: Israeli Perceptions on Voluntary Contact Tracing Applications vs. Mandatory General Secret Service Surveillance during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Paper Series “Rethinking Privacy and Mass Surveillance in the Information Age”. Israel Public Policy Institute and Heinrich Böll Foundation.

Ben-David, Anat (2015). Social media and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict [Streaming Video]. Retrieved from Sage Video.



Ben-David, Anat, and Sam Bahour. 2009. Access to Information in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. Global Information Society Watch. APC / HIVOS, pp. 171–173. (Full Text)

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